My name is Matt Weber. I’m an author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I try to write stories that are worth reading–solid worldbuilding, fine language, and all the wonder and mystery of our strange lives.

My business is called Cobbler & Bard Press. I’m the cobbler. That means I do the work: I cut the words out of my unwilling mind and sew them together into whatever shape will carry you across the miles and the mountains, whether that be ebook, audio, or ink on paper; I package them gaily in eye-catching covers; I hang out my shingle and hawk my wares where I can.

I’m also the bard. That means I sing the songs.

I think I’m a good bard. I’m not a very good cobbler. This is me, learning my trade.

About Matt

mjw_profile I’m the author of the post-post-apocalyptic science fantasy The Dandelion Knight and various other delights and confections, some of which have been published in magazines and anthologized. I’m a data scientist by trade, a neuroscientist by training, a father and husband by love and grit and happenstance, a coffee junkie by necessity. Other places you can find me include but may not be limited to:


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