Development diaries, 1-13-2015: How do I take these hours seriously?

Today’s challenge: I’m starting writing at 11:40. I’ll quit by 2:30. Then it’s a dentist appointment, then pick up the kids, then nighttime routine. The challenge is not “How will I make quota?” I’m not writing 4600 words in the next three hours. I mean, if it happens, that’s great, but I do plan on […]

A brief note out of sequence

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the words I meant to write last night after the kids went to sleep have been replaced with a blitzkrieg campaign by my proxy ruler, Cyrus of Persia, against the Japanese, Aztec, and Roman civilizations in quick succession. The hostilities stretched into the wee hours of the morning, but all three enemy […]

Development diaries, 1-12-2015: None of you fuckers loved me enough to tell me

Spent most of the weekend indoors with the kids, although they got out a bit on Sunday afternoon when it was warmer. My son R. is 15 months old—old enough to get into, over, or around almost anything, young enough to have at best a schematic sense of what one does not do if one […]

Development diaries, 1-9-2015: I chose the paint color for the room with this in mind

Today has been horribly slow. At 11:30, I’m 800 words behind, which is not so bad in light of a quota of 21,000 on the week… but I would finish them if I could keep my eyes open. I literally can’t, not for fiction. And I have nothing to say about the day’s process. Walking […]

Development diaries, 1-8-2015: A Weird West novel of manners

Today felt really slow—4300 words between 9:00 and 3:10, with an hour break for some kettlebell swings and lunch. So, actually, about 5:10 clocked for about 800 words/hour, which I think is about where I’ve been. I think I can do better, but it probably would have involved planning more beforehand (cue chiding from @ABEhrhardt). […]

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